719 Ride Weather Forecast

Saturday, July 20th 2024, 7:00 AM (MDT)

The 719 Ride Elevation Celebration offers distances and challenges suited to everyone. Three loop courses can be easily combined to suit anyone’s fitness level and fondness for climbing. Ride as many or as few laps as desired for the same registration.

For the third year in a row, the 719 Ride is the official cycling event of the Rocky Mountain State Games. It is also an official partner event in the 2024 SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series and 2024 Gran Fondo World Tour.

Five laps of The Course That Cannot Be Defeated is the signature ride (71.9 miles and 9,190′ of elevation gain), but you can ride as many or as few laps as your mind can handle and your legs will allow, AND you can combine laps on this route with laps on any other route based on how you feel on event day.

The kinder, gentler and slightly easier (SE) form of suffering built on the bones of The Course That Cannot Be Defeated is the 719 Ride SE. The SE shaves off 2.2 miles and more than 350′ of elevation gain from each lap. Five laps of this feisty fireplug serves up a metric century and more than 7,300′ of rictus inducing satisfaction and fun.

The GoldiLITE 719 is the family-friendly frolic of friskiness. Four and a half miles long with less than 400′ of elevation gain, this mostly flat course has three turns to its name, all of which are right turns, essentially making it a ride around the block.

Weather Conditions

Weather forecast for the 719 Ride:
Temperature: 59 to 73.4 ˚F, feels like 53.6 to 68 ˚F
Wind: 7.5 to 9.9 mph winds with gust up to 17.4 mph
Precipitation: 9% probability of moderate precipitation
Forecasts change. Check back to get an updated weather forecast leading up to the event.


Precipitation and Cloud Cover

Wind Speed

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